Canadian Fire Diamond JewelleryGloss Diamonds is proud to be one of a select group of retailers in Australia to stock an exclusive range of highly sought after Canadian Fire Diamonds.

Canada is now the third largest source of quality diamonds in the world, accounting for approximately 80 per cent of all 'Excellent' and 'Ideal' cut makes. What makes Canadian diamonds so desirable is that they are amongst the most naturally clean and white diamonds in the world with no treatment required to improve their colour. 

Canadian Fire diamonds employ strict quality control procedures along with environmentally friendly mining and refining practices which follow the Kimberley Process. Completely natural and untreated, each diamond can be traced back to its origins using its unique serial number laser inscribed on its girdle. The number will also be presented to you in a CanadaMark Authentication Card which you can verify on the CanadaMark website. It means you can be confident that your diamond is legitimate and conflict free. In addition, every diamond over 0.5ct also includes independent certification from the internationally recognised Gem Institute of America (GIA) .

Canadian Fire diamonds are only available in the whitest Colour grades of D to G and best Clarity of IF to SI2. They are cut by experts to maximise quality rather than size, resulting in the highest Cut standards of 'Excellent' to 'Very Good' proportions to ensure a dazzling combination of whiteness and brilliance in every diamond.

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