Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict diamonds are diamonds that have been sold to help fund wars or illegal military operations. Also known as blood diamonds, they are often mined by people who are under the duress of brutal and corrupt local authorities.

Africa accounts for almost half the world's diamond production and is the most affected by conflict diamonds, with rebel groups in countries such as Sierra Leone, Angola, Liberia and Zimbabwe exchanging rough diamonds for arms. Whilst the Kimberley process has attempted to control the trade of these blood diamonds, its credibility has recently been thrown into question.

Once a rough diamond is brought to market, its country of origin is almost impossible to trace. Indeed, with the recent controversial introduction of Zimbabwean diamonds into the diamond industry, it is hard to know whether many cut and polished diamonds may have also originated from conflict regimes.

With a Canadian Fire diamond you can be certain that your diamond is conflict free and has been mined under acceptable working conditions. Carrying a unique serial number lasered on the girdle, each diamond is tracked from source to finish and can be verified on the CanadaMark website.

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