We aim to take the question marks out of buying diamond jewellery by having already sourced the best combination of quality, style and value. We've done all the homework for you so that your shopping experience is an enjoyable one.

For our recently launched Gloss Collection, we have taken the time to find only the finest and brightest, ethically sourced diamonds and match them with the best in Australian designed, hand finished gold jewellery. With a very high minimum standard in diamond colour, a diamond guarantee and certification for every piece, whether you buy online or in our store, you can be confident that you’ll be purchasing superior jewellery that will last a lifetime.

Timeless designs

Since most diamond jewellery is bought to last a lifetime, it makes sense that the design should also stand the test of time. Gloss Diamond jewellery represents a seamless blend of experienced craftsmanship with designs that never go out of fashion. Our stunning pieces will be treasured for a lifetime. What’s more, we pride ourselves on being able to tailor our designs to your needs. Whilst our designs are selected to offer a fully co-ordinated range, should you prefer a style in an alternative gold, it can be remade in 9 and 18ct yellow, rose or white gold at your request. Please also talk to us about our custom made jewellery service.

Consistent Pricing

If you’ve ever wondered about the real value of jewellery in stores with wildly fluctuating prices and Sale signs across the windows, you’re not alone! We prefer to keep things simple by ensuring our prices remain stable for the long term so you can trust in the knowledge that you are purchasing first-class jewellery at a fair price every time.